CoMatic provides researched solutions to help your small business get off the ground, and then grow with you. We create tutorial pages on how to do a variety of things to setup your business, and then leverage online tools to help make things more efficient for you.
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Setup Your Business

Learn how to setup a professional email address. If you’re still running your business using the email address provided by your ISP, you should sign up for a business email under your own domain name.

If you’ve already followed our guide for signing up for G Suite, then you already have an account created with Google, and now need to tell the world that you’re now accepting emails at this new location.

If you’ve already followed our guide for setting up G Suite, then you have an account created with Google. After you’ve migrated the DNS and told the world you’re accepting emails at your new provider, it’s time to migrate all of your old emails to new inbox.

Selling Online

Social Media

So you’ve started a fairly new business. Or you have an established business, but not an established web presence. Regardless of what your business does or sells, you can always benefit from having a strong web presence.