We've picked the best services for a small business looking for:
  • A professional email address
  • Or a change from your existing email provider
With this guide you ensure your email is:
  • Using your company's domain name
  • Backed up
  • Accessible from any device
  • Receives less spam
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Our Pick

For most small businesses looking to setup email, our pick is G Suite from Google, the new name for Google Apps for Work. In addition to providing email, G Suite also has integrations to other products from the Google ecosystem you may be using for your personal Gmail account, such as Google Calendar, Docs, Hangouts, and Drive.

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Who Is This For?

If you’re still running your business using the email address provided by your ISP, you should sign up for a business email under your own domain name. Using an email address with @aol.com, @verizon.net or others won’t send the professional image to your customers that you’d like. Even if you already have email configured for your business using your business domain name, you may still want to switch. Many companies offering low cost email hosting don’t provide some of the additional services you’ll receive from our recommended pick.

When looking for an email provider, we consider the following features must-haves of the service:

  • Ability to associate it with your custom domain name
  • Cloud storage, with the ability to access your email from anywhere
  • Robust spam filtering
  • Mobile access on both iOS and Android devices, or integration to existing popular mobile email applications.

G Suite costs $5 per month per user account. Keep in mind that each user should be an actual person, not aliases such as info@yourcompany.com or support@yourcompany.com that you may post on your website. For those types of addresses, you can setup forwarding addresses without having to pay for additional users.

Other Options

If you or your company are heavily invested in Microsoft tools, like Microsoft Outlook, or have some other reason not to use email provided by Google, our pick for you is Exchange Online. For a similar price to our top pick at $4 per month per user, you get hosted email and shared contacts and calendars. All of this would be accessible from their online webmail interface, or from a desktop or mobile application such as Microsoft Outlook.

What you don’t get, however, is access to other tools such as an online word processor or spreadsheet program which G Suite includes as well. To get a comparable plan from Microsoft you’d need to upgrade to the Office 365 Business Premium plan for $12/month/user. Although that also includes desktop licenses for installing Outlook and the rest of Microsoft Office on your desktop, so it still might be right for someone looking to simplify their purchasing of those applications. Especially if you have contractors who may need those applications for only a short time, paying for them by month may be more cost effective and easier to manage.

How to Sign Up

The signup process should only take a few minutes, but expect the full migration to take longer, especially if you have existing accounts that need to be migrated.

Steps Involved

  • Signing Up: 10 minutes
  • Configuring User Accounts: 30 minutes
  • Updating DNS: 30 minutes + up to a 24 hour waiting period
  • Migrating Existing Email: Varies from 20 minutes to several hours per user, depending on the number of existing emails to transfer

What You’ll Need

  • Credit Card
  • A list of email addresses you’re currently using
  • Access to make changes to your domain’s DNS records

Step By Step Process

Sign Up

  1. Click This Link
  2. Click “Start free trial”, which entitles you to a 14 day free trial of the service
  3. Enter the basic information about your account in the following 3 screens. See screenshots below for a full walk through.
Click the blue button “Start free trial”

Next you will be taken to a form asking you basic information about your account. Enter your name and company information here. In the next steps you’ll specify more details about the email addresses you want setup.

Complete the form on the right with the information about your company. Here I have completed it for mine as an example.

On step 2 of the form, you’ll want to select the first option “Use a domain name I have already purchased.” Even if you have not purchased the domain name yet, you will likely want to purchase it from another provider. It’s ok here to just pick your main domain name. G Suite allows you add up to 20 total domain names to your account. More than enough for most businesses with multiple product lines each needing their own domain name.

Click “Use a domain name I have already purchased” and enter your primary domain name in the box. Then click “Next”

The final page of the signup form is where you’ll specify the first email address you want to setup for your account. Remember, you’ll add more later, such as aliases you want to use (info@yourcompany.com), or email accounts for other employees within your organization. For an alternate email address, use your personal address where Google can send emails if your new business account isn’t accessible.

Setup your first email address and agree to the terms.

Next Steps

Now that you have an account, you still have a few more steps left. See more information about what to do next in our other guides.

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  2. Migrate Your Old Emails to G Suite

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