So you’ve started a fairly new business. Or you have an established business, but not an established web presence. Regardless of what your business does or sells, you can always benefit from having a strong web presence. And now there are multiple platforms for you to use to get the word out. You need a website, no question about it. But you also need a Facebook. Maybe a Twitter account. And an Instagram account. A Snapchat account (yes, the once infamous app is now used by 158 million users daily, including businesses). Even testing the waters of certain subreddits can do wonders for your business. The bottom line is this: the more outlets you have to get the word out about your brand—the more platforms that allow you to gather followers—the faster your brand’s reputation will grow.

Now, just having a Facebook account doesn’t solve your problem. You have to post regularly, or people won’t even remember you exist. If your business has an Instagram account, your posts have to be interesting, or people will go out of their way to unfollow you (seriously, they will). And if you have a Twitter account, but you aren’t using too many hashtags, you’re doing it wrong. Having all these and a website allows you to link these accounts, so that anything you post shows up on multiple platforms, and they all direct the user to your site. If you read our article about why you need these tools, the next step is how to use them. Let’s talk about the big ones.


Facebook is the most widely-used social media platform in the world. As of last year, over 1.5 billion people were using this website and/or the app. That’s not a number to ignore. If you’re going to use any social media platform to promote your business, Facebook is the place to start.

The important thing to remember about Facebook is that people love to be interactive. Post regularly, and post things that encourage audience participation. Ask questions, ask for suggestions, and share as much about your business as you can. Then let your comment section fill up. And make sure you respond to commenters every now and then. I can’t even begin to explain how well this looks for your brand. People will be much more likely to comment on your posts if they know there is a chance you might actually respond.

One of Facebook’s most useful tools for a business are paid advertising. Getting those first followers can be difficult. Put out some very well-written paid ads and you will start to notice an increase in followers. And once you have a good following, the growth is exponential. It’s absolutely worth it to pay a professional to write these first few ads for you, as starting out on social media is the hardest part. Consider it a business expense.


Instagram is growing rapidly into one of the most popular photo and video sharing apps. If you can easily share pictures of products and things that show what your business is up to, having a company Instagram account is a no-brainer. Post a picture of your most popular products one day, and a picture of the manufacturing process the next day. Post pictures of your team at work. Office activities. This is your chance to make your brand seem more personable and relatable.

Always take advantage of these apps to engage your followers. In your posts, you can offer discounts to anyone who mentions a certain post. You can do giveaways based on how many people like or repost a photo. This is also a huge catalyst for growing your following. Any chance for you to encourage people to share your content is huge for your brand.


Hashtags, hashtags, hashtags. Seriously, they are actually a great tool for businesses, and not just a stupid thing that kids are doing. Hashtag anything relevant to your brand. People will find you more easily. Don’t be afraid to use all of the 140 allowed characters. Follow other relevant accounts. This will allow you to speak to your target audience, rather than people who may not be interested in your services. It also makes your brand seem more human and less robotic.


Reddit is an often overlooked platform for getting the word out on a brand or business, but anyone who uses this website knows how effective it can be for marketing or making your brand known. Whatever your business does, there’s a subreddit just for that. Subscribe to the right subreddits, and if they allow it, promote your business. As your business grows, there are other subreddits such as r/IAmA (with over 16 million subscribers) where you can start a thread for people to ask you anything about yourself or your brand. Another great subreddit for small businesses is… r/smallbusiness. Here, you can freely promote your small business every week.

How we can help

If you don’t have time to post on several different apps a day, or even every few days, we can help you create expertly written posts, suggest cool, shareable photos or videos of your brand, and even help you outsource your accounts so that you don’t even have to do the posting yourself. If you can’t always be on the internet posting, reading comments, and responding to questions and comments, you can always hire someone to do that for you. That way your web presence actually includes someone being present.

Where do I start?

First, think about your brand. You’re almost always safe having a Facebook account, so start there. Then, if you have a business that is visually marketable, start an Instagram account. Post awesome pictures of your products and services. If your brand isn’t so visually representable, try your luck with a site like Reddit or Twitter—platforms that aren’t completely picture and video-based. But the first step is creating the accounts, so get out there and start using them!

Dia Ascenzi

Dia Ascenzi is an accomplished copywriter and editor studying English in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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